Monti says may serve another term

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Monti says may serve another term

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With Italy heading towards a spring General Election speculation about who could be the next prime minister is mounting.

Until today the current leader, Mario Monti, ruled out serving another term. But now he says he would serve again “under special circumstances”, although he added he hoped there would not be any.

Most thought this referred to a hung parliament.

But two days ago former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, asked if it would be a mistake to say Monti might be the prefect moderate candidate, affirmed it was no mistake, but that “to be a candidate you have to want to be one.”

Berlusconi himself has been making signs he might be preparing a comeback, which may not fill his former colleagues at Europe’s top table with joy. Berlusconi added he would take a tougher line with Germany than Monti, who he criticised for not having been bold enough, and concentrating only on debt reduction rather than growth.