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Life after Harry Potter? JK Rowling's first book for adults

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Life after Harry Potter? JK Rowling's first book for adults


Harry Potter fans have had five years to grow up since the last installment of the fantasy novel. Some commentators say they need to have matured quite a lot for the new book by the author of the boy wizard saga, JK Rowling.

‘The Casual Vacancy’, her first title for adults was released on Thursday. The grown-up themes are something appreciated by Swedish fans who queued early to buy their copy at a London bookshop.

“She has a great fan base that are in their early 20s and older now…well Harry Potter has always been there growing up and he grew up with you and now you’re an adult and suddenly there is a book for adults too,” said Sophia Gustafsson.

Already number one on Amazon’s UK and US charts, ‘The Casual Vacancy’ has had mixed reviews not least for its gritty language and adult themes.

American reviewers slated it, while Britain’s Guardian newspaper said it was “no masterpiece” but “not bad at all”.

Many commentators think that whatever she did, Rowling was always going to struggle to match Harry Potter’s incredible success.

Bookstores are still confident the new novel will be one of the year’s bestsellers.

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