Greek government agrees new cuts programme

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Greek government agrees new cuts programme

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After two months of tough talking the members of Greece’s coalition government have finally decided where to wield the axe over the next two years.

After a cabinet meeting agreed to divide up an extra 11.5 billion euros of cuts, all that remains is getting approval from Greece’s creditors.

“Our counterparts need to agree too. But this agreement is a basis for me to conduct strong negotiations,” said Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras.

But it appears this agreement includes a demand for a four-year extension of the repayment programme from the Troika. The Greek government meets the EU, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund on Monday to finalise matters.

However it appears the tide of anger against more belt-tightening among the public is growing again. Thursday’s huge demonstrations in Athens showed that patience is running thin, and Greeks want results to show for their sacrifices before being asked to make any more.

Disabled groups joined the latest protests, with the blind, paraplegics and others with physical disabilities demonstrating in Athens. One prominent activist noted that the average monthy costs for a disabled person for medicine, equipment and nursing care alone was 640 euros, leaving precious little to pay all the other bills.