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Rowing nuisance in court


Rowing nuisance in court


Trenton Oldfield who disrupted 158th University Boat Race is in court charged with causing a public nuisance.
On April 7 the 36-year-old Australian caused the annual competition, in which Oxford and Cambridge Universities race on the Thames, to be halted when he jumped in front of the two boats who were neck-and-neck and travelling at full speed.
As the prosecution put it he was “saved from his own stupidity” by the race umpire who halted the race to prevent him from being potentially killed by an oar or by one of the flotilla of motorboats who were following.
Oldfield, who claimed to have been protesting against elitism, was pulled out of the water and promptly arrested by police. The race was restarted after half an hour and won by Cambridge.

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