Protests follow flogging of Afghan teenage girl

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Protests follow flogging of Afghan teenage girl

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More than 100 women have marched through the Afghan capital Kabul denouncing the sentencing of a teenage girl to 100 lashes for alleged “illicit sexual relations” with a young man.

The demonstrators said they were calling for justice for the girl who was 16-years-old. The ruling was made by three clerics in the Taliban-controlled province of Ghazni.

Heather Barr from Human Rights Watch says that ultra-Conservatists still ignore new laws that protect women from violence: “It shows the limited capacity of the government to provide rule of law in areas that are controlled by the Taliban. But what is even more frustrating is that in areas that are under government control we still don’t see an approach to dealing with these cases, that really honours the elimination of violence against women.”

The girl’s older sibling says her sister was raped and at 16, should be considered a minor by law.

The boy involved in the case was freed, but ordered to pay a fine of about 1,400 euros.