Fight halts production at Foxconn plant in China

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Fight halts production at Foxconn plant in China

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A factory that normally provides work for 79,000 people has been shut for a day in China after a mass fight involving some 2000 workers broke out last night in their dormitories. Police ended the fight, but not before 40 people were injured. Union representatives are in the plant today to find out the cause of the problem.

Foxconn Technology Group said the Taiyuan plant in Shanxi province would stay closed today to allow people to cool down, but an onsite member of staff said he thought it would be two or three days as police were everywhere and investigating.

The company, the world’s largest maker of consumer electronics, has suffered recently from poor labour relations, fights, and a spate of suicides, and has been spending heavily to improve working conditions and pay levels.

The company would not confirm if it was making iPhone 5 at the plant, but it does make the iconic Apple device, along with Playstations and Hewlett-Packard computers.