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Andy Warhol at the NY Met

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Andy Warhol at the NY Met

A new exhibition of Andy Warhol’s art has opened at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York. The exhibition is called “Regarding Warhol: Sixty Artists, Fifty Years”, and includes some of his best-known pieces as well as works from some of the artists he inspired.

Marla Prather, the curator said: “When you begin to pay attention, Warhol is everywhere. And when you are working on an exhibition you are particularly aware of how Warhol is everywhere. Whether it’s someone’s tattoo that you see on the subway, whether it’s a particular kind of advertising, a particular kind of portraiture that is very much a Warhol kind of style.”

Her co-curator Ian Alteveer said: “Many people do indeed feel very strongly about Warhol. Whether it is as a kind of figure of authority for contemporary art or as someone who mixed things up or almost as a ‘bugaboo’, someone who haunts contemporary culture in an almost overwehelming way. But I think every artist in this show got something from Warhol.”

The exhibition is structured in different thematic sections and what emerges is a fascinating dialogue between works of art and artists across the generations.

The exhibition runs until December 31st.

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