Ahmedinejad gears up for last UN address

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Ahmedinejad gears up for last UN address

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UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon welcomes the President of Iran to New York for the 67th annual session of the General Assembly.

The occasion has ended in controversy in the past, with Mahmoud Ahmedinejad criticised for his comments on the Holocaust and the September the 11th attacks.

Gifts and smiles were exchanged but the real focus is on the Iranian leader’s speech before the General Assembly on Wednesday.

In recent years delegations have walked out in protest at his comments.

This is due to be Ahmedinejad’s last appearance before the Assembly. His second and final mandate runs out in 2013.

the speech is eagerly anticipated. Tehran is at loggerheads with the UN over its controversial nuclear programme.

The UK, France and Germany have just asked the EU for a fresh round of sanctions.