Die-hard fans flood Apple stores as iPhone 5 goes on sale

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Die-hard fans flood Apple stores as iPhone 5 goes on sale

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Germans keen to be one of the first to get the iPhone 5 as it went on sale for the first time on Friday, braved a cold night of camping outside an Apple store in Munich.

Many reviews highlight the main differences in this new model are a slightly larger screen and a thinner and lighter feel.

These changes are enough to excite the die-hard fans, like this one who said: “It’s something very special to be one of the first. It’s fun, there are lots of people here who have the same interests.”

There was a party atmosphere at the opening of another Apple store in Sydney, Australia.

Spirits have not been dampened by the news of a glitch in the iPhone 5’s new map software.

The new handset has a faster processor and can work on fourth generation networks known as 4G.

Some of the people waiting to buy phones in Tokyo told reporters that their motivations are financial – with plans to sell the smartphone on the black market.

Police in Osaka, Japan are investigating the theft 200 iPhone 5s – with 116 disappearing from a single shop.