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The Crystal eco-building dazzles Londoners


The Crystal eco-building dazzles Londoners

An eco-friendly building christened “The Crystal”, built near London’s Olympic Park has been crowned one of the most advanced environmentally friendly buildings in the world.

Commissioned by electronics giant Siemans, it aims to use half the energy of other major exhibition spaces and produces 65 percent fewer polluting emissions.

An all-electric building, “The Crystal” uses solar power and ground source heat pumps to generate its own energy, meaning no fossil fuels are burnt in the process.

At the heart of the eco-friendly construction is an immersive exhibition where you can explore the global trends and challenges facing cities today. The exhibition seeks not only to showcase ideas and technology but also to stimulate discovery. The only problem remaining with all eco-buildings though, is finding a way to produce raw materials in an environmentally friendly way.

Though the glass may look transparent, it is covered by a special film, while a central control system monitors and moves the windows. “The Crystal” will open to the public on September 29th.

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