French court due to rule on Royal topless snaps

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French court due to rule on Royal topless snaps

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A French court is due announce whether it will block further publication of topless photos of the Duchess of Cambridge.

Lawyers for the British Royal couple are seeking damages from the Italian owned French gossip magazine Closer, calling the snaps an invasion of privacy.

A separate complaint has been filed against the photographer, which could lead to criminal charges.

Christopher Mesnooh is a privacy lawyer:
“For a criminal violation, the plaintiffs will have to establish that the photographer took the pictures in a private home without their consent and without any expectation that they were going to be photographed. That shouldn’t be too hard for the plaintiffs to prove, given the circumstances in general.”

Italian magazine Chi has printed a 26-page special dedicated to the topless images.They are also available on the web and in a Irish tabloid.
Newspapers in Britain have withheld publication.