Libya: Investigators hunt al-Qaeda suspects

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Libya: Investigators hunt al-Qaeda suspects

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Investigators in Libya are trying to track al-Qaeda sympathisers, who are thought to be responsible for turning a demonstration over an anti-Islamic film into a violent and coordinated attack.

The American ambassador in Benghazi and three other embassy staff were killed when the complex was attacked on Tuesday, the 11th Anniversary of 9/11. Militants pummelled the building with small arms fire, rocket-propelled grenades and mortars.

The recently elected leader of Libya’s national assembly, Mohammed al-Magarief said:

“Call it what ever you want, al-Qaeda or not, what happened was an act by a group with an agenda of revenge. They chose a specific time, technique and victims.”

“This video was put out six months ago on YouTube. It is worthless and it should not be used as an excuse.”

It is reported that al-Qaeda’s branch in Yemen praised the killings in Libya, and called for more attacks to expel American embassies from Muslim nations.

An elite US Marine rapid response team arrived in Sudan’s capital, Sanaa, on Saturday. The United States has also withdrawn all non-essential staff from their embassies in Tunisia and Sudan.