One dead as Cairo protests enter fourth day

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One dead as Cairo protests enter fourth day

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One protestor has died and an estimated 27 injured sources say as anti-US protests raged on the streets of Cairo for a fourth day early on Saturday.

The clashes moved to a main road after authorities closed the street leading to the American embassy in Egypt’s capital. Police in riot gear fired rounds of tear gas at the protesters angry at the movie made in the U.S. that mocks the Prophet Mohammed.

The street battles were not just confined to Cairo as violence flared in Alexandria. Calls from the Muslim Brotherhood for all demonstrations to remain peaceful went unheeded as the crowd threw stones and petrol bombs at police.

In Khartoum its reported up to three people have died. One unnamed witness claims two members of their family were killed, crushed by a police vehicle as violence flared when demonstrators broke into the U.S. embassy.

Earlier police fired tear gas to try and scatter a crowd of around 5,000 which had surrounded the German embassy and nearby British mission.

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso condemned the attacks as unacceptable and against “the rules of the civilised world.”