The American embassy in Sana’a, Yemen is the latest outpost of Washington’s to come under attack from Islamic extremists outraged by a blasphemous film. At least one person has died and several have been injured.
Until an extract of the little-seen and poorly-made movie was plucked from the internet by religious figures in Libya no-one had heard of it.
But now violent protests about it have turned deadly in Libya, and seen the US embassy in Cairo stormed along with Thursday’s attack in Yemen.
Three cars were burned inside the Sanaa embassy compound before police expelled the crowds.
The Cairo embassy was still the scene of noisy protests on Thursday following violence overnight that left 13 people injured. Police had to use tear gas to control the situation.
Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsi said Egypt has to “protect” its guests, and condemned the embassy attack as he condemned the “attacks” on the prophet Mohammed.
Protests spread to Khartoum, Casablanca, and Tunis. In Iraq, supporters of radical Shi’ite cleric Moqtada Sadr marched in Najaf, and he called for Americans to be barred from entering Iraq. 
He also demanded parliament pass a law banning contacts with any country “that insulted Islam or the prophet”.
Afghanistan’s President Karzai postponed a trip to Asia, Pakistan reinforced security around US consulates, and Indonesia called on YouTube to take down the video.