Alpine killings resembled a 'Hollywood movie set'

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Alpine killings resembled a 'Hollywood movie set'

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The French prosecutor probing the slaughter of a British family and a local cyclist in the Alps has said the origins, causes and explanations of the killings rest in the United Kingdom.

Eric Maillaud said his team of 40 officers are investigating Mr al-Hilli’s work as an engineer, his family contacts and possible leads in Iraq.

Surrey police are aiding French investigators:

Assistant Chief Constable is Rob Price:

“This is a French led investigation, Surrey police and other agencies within Surrey will do all we can to help this investigation.”

The man who discovered the gruesome scene, former RAF pilot Brett Martin, said the carnage resembled a Hollywood movie set.

He also described how he had to leave the battered and shot seven-year-old girl, Zainab, in the recovery position while he went to get help because his mobile phone had no signal.

The unexplained brutality of the murders has police on both sides of the channel baffled.