Libya authorities blame Gaddafi supporters for US diplomat deaths

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Libya authorities blame Gaddafi supporters for US diplomat deaths

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An “outrageous attack” is the way US President Barack Obama is describing the killing of the American ambassador to Libya and three other US consulate workers in an attack on the consulate’s compound in Benghazi.

All four died when a rocket struck their car during the assault on Tuesday night.

The death of Chris Stevens, 52, who became ambassador in January, could be linked to the extradition of Libya’s ex-spy chief Abdullah al-Senoussi, according to Libya’s Deputy Interior Minister Wanis al-Sharif who said: “I’m almost sure that those who carried out this attack are Gaddafi supporters. We think that this is a reaction to al-Senoussi’s extradition”.

If Gaddafi supporters are responsible, Stevens will be is the first US ambassador to be killed by terrorists in 33 years.

Initially it was believed his death was tied to protests by Muslims enraged at what they say is a blasphemous film promoted by an Egyptian Coptic Christian and produced in America.

Tuesday night saw angry people gather outside the US embassy in Cairo. During the demonstration, some protesters scaled the walls of the embassy, tearing down and burning the American flag.