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  • Mehdi Nemmouche, suspect in the murder of four people at the Jewish Museum in Brussels, has been extradited to Belgium (Reuters)
  • An earthquake measuring 6.3 on the richter scale hits the Mexican town of Clara, Veracruz, according to the US Geographical Survey

At least 260 people are now known to have died in in two factory fires in Pakistan.
One blaze at a clothes factory in the southern city of Karachi, has claimed at least 236 lives.
The blaze began late on Tuesday. The cause is being investigated but reports say faulty electricity generators could have behind it.
Medics on the scene said a high number of the victims died from suffocation.
At least 60 employees are in hospital receiving treatment for broken bones after jumping from the building.
A generator fault is also said to behind a similar fire at a shoe factory in Lahore, where at least 25 people have died.
Officials there said the factory was illegal and had been set up to look like a residential house.

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