Obama wins the August donations battle

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Obama wins the August donations battle

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It has been a bumper August for raising re-election campaign funds for Barack Obama and the Democrats.

The president’s war chest has been boosted by more than $114 million, taking the total raised to just under $740 million for this campaign season.
That is compared to the $630 million raised by the Republican challenger Mitt Romney, but who can also fall back on his vast personal wealth if needs be.

Both men are courting votes and making speeches in swing states. On Monday Romney was in Ohio, and getting plenty of support. There are nine swing states out of 50, and they will tip the balance in this election, They are Ohio, Florida, Colorado, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Virginia.

The Democrats have claimed the average donation from the more than 1.1 million donors supporting Obama has been $58, while Romney has benefited from large lump sums from wealthy individuals and corporations, and SuperPac organising committees.

Analysts say Obama’s cash burn is much faster than the Republicans, who are expected to win the money game in the campaign, even if they do not win the White House.

But pitfalls await in a campaign year. The teacher’s strike in Chicago, the first for over 25 years and in Obama’s home city where close ally Mayor Emmanuel is supposed to ensure victory, is one of several local issues that can now take on national importance.