Rasmussen defends US Bagram plans

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Rasmussen defends US Bagram plans

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Despite the hand over of Bagram to Afghan authorities the US has said it will keep control of at least one block at the controversial jail.

Speaking to euronews NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen explained the reasoning behind Washington’s decision.

“The transfer of detainees to Afghan responsibility is part of the overall transition of security responsibility to the Afghans, but obviously, we also have to strike the right balance between Afghan sovereignty and security for the Afghan security forces and our troops.”

The prison’s transfer comes ahead of full foreign troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, almost 11 years since the terrorist attacks on the US prompted outside intervention.

“The purpose was, and it remains, to prevent the country from once again becoming a safe haven for terrorists who could use it as a launching pad for attacks against our societies. And in that respect our operation has been a great success. We have not seen terrorists launch attacks against our countries rooted in Afghanistan.’‘

The decision to hold on to a part of Bagram has angered Kabul which wants full control of the jail ,now known as the Parwan Detention Centre, seeing it as a matter of national sovereignty.