Afghanistan government takes control of Bagram prison

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Afghanistan government takes control of Bagram prison

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The Afghan flag was hoisted during a ceremony handing over control of US-built Bagram prison.

Afghan authorities have taken over control of the jail after it was agreed through a Memorandum of Understanding. However it is not a binding agreement and there is still controversy over the deal between the Afghan government and the US.

However, the ceremony focused on the symbolic importance of the handover and the success in fighting against insurgents.

“We transferred more than 3,000 Afghan detainees into your custody at an expedient rate and ensured that those who would threaten the partnership of Afghanistan and coalition forces will not return to the battlefield,” said Commander of Task Forces at Bagram Airbase Colonel Robert Tavadash.

Bagram prison has been described as the ‘Guantanamo of Afghanistan’. The US detained prisoners without trials and there are worries Afghan authorities could spread this practice throughout the country, leading to human rights abuses.