Madrid: 'EuroVegas' gambling resort sparks protest

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Madrid: 'EuroVegas' gambling resort sparks protest

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Hundreds of demonstrators have turned out to protest against plans for a new gambling resort in Madrid.

The city has been chosen over Barcelona as the location for the multi-billion euro super-complex, which has been dubbed ‘EuroVegas.’

Las Vegas Sands, the US firm behind the project, claims it will trigger a jobs bonanza. But opponents are not convinced.

“We are against it because there has been no public consultation, no access to information, no transparency and there are lots of promises about bringing in jobs, but there is no proof, no evidence,” said one protester.

Another added: “We are against this project because it’s unsustainable, it will generate nothing but bad things for Spanish society.”

The roulette wheels will not be spinning in this part of Spain for some time yet though, if at all.

Las Vegas Sands is only intending to fund 35 percent of the resort it is proposing and is demanding changes in local laws.

With Spain in recession and considering a bailout, finding the rest of the funding is likely to be tough.