Air power pounds eastern Aleppo

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Air power pounds eastern Aleppo

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Syrian activists say dozens of people have died after government planes bombarded the east Aleppo suburb of Hananou.

It is the latest flashpoint in the two-month long battle for the economic capital. The government only controls the centre of Syria’s biggest city. The rest has been in rebel hands for months.

Last night the army barracks in Hananou was taken by rebel forces. They are employing cat and mouse tactics; fight, then redeploy.

The Syrian army’s only response for now has been heavy bombardment of the rebel-held built-up areas, followed by infantry to flush out any fighters still alive. The price in civilian lives has been high.
Yet UN diplomacy is struggling to make any impact.

“There’s no point in passing a resolution with no teeth, because we’ve seen time and time again that Assad will ignore it and keep attacking his own peoplem,” said Hillary Clinton, as the US and Russia continued to lock horns on the problem.

Clinton was pouring cold water on Russia’s latest call to revive its June UN resolution for a ceasefire and political transition.

With vital infrastructure like Hananou’s main water main now being destroyed, conditions for the trapped population will only worsen.