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15th Lyon Biennale springs to life

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15th Lyon Biennale springs to life


The 15th Lyon Dance festival has begun, as always, with local people setting the scene for the international cast of thousands who will fill France’s second city with colour and movement until the end of September.

Every two years the city opens its doors to dance, and that includes to performers from its districts and outlying suburbs, who parade through the centre.

The festival themes this year are Asia, and Stories.

“I think that this is really a citizens’ cultural event, it’s popular culture at its most beautiful.. We can see that people are happy here – even if there is the crisis and we do not forget the reality of the crisis, but the people are happy to dance and to watch others dance,” said French Culture Minister Aurélie Filippetti.

The programme will feature 35 full works, including 19 original pieces of which 15 are world premieres, bringing together some of the most established and innovative troupes from around the world.

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