Police search Saad al-Hilli home as murder hunt continues

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Police search Saad al-Hilli home as murder hunt continues

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Police in southeast England have been searching the Claygate home in Surrey of a British family gunned down while holidaying in the French Alps.

It is part of efforts to gather information about whether someone wanted them murdered or if they were victims of a random shooting.

A row over money between Saad al-Hilli and his brother is still one line of inquiry.

But French prosecutor Eric Maillaud is remaining cautious: “The four dead victims were each shot twice in the head. We’re trying to determine as much as we can about the family, trying to understand if there was a dispute between the brothers. He strongly denies it, but everyone’s talking about it like it’s evidence. But the principal party says it isn’t so let’s remain extremely careful.”

Meanwhile, two relatives of the al-Hilli family have arrived in France to support the young daughters who remain under police protection in hospital.

The girls are thought to be the only witnesses to the killings at the popular tourist spot of Lake Annecy.

French police have also asked their Swiss and Italian counterparts for help in searching for the person or persons responsible.