Brother of French Alps murder victim rejects dispute claims

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Brother of French Alps murder victim rejects dispute claims

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The brother of a British man shot dead in the French Alps has denied that he was involved in a financial feud with his sibling.

Saad al-Hilli was killed in his car with his wife and another woman on Wednesday, near the village of Chevaline.

Police are still gathering information about the Iraqi-born businessman, who was on a camping holiday with his family.

His brother went to British police on Friday to deny any financial rift.

“He said that he had not been involved in a conflict with his brother,” said French prosecutor Eric Maillaud.

Twenty-five shots were discharged during the attack, which also left a cyclist dead. There are suggestions that the murders could have been carried out by professional assassins.

Saad al-Hilli’s 7-year-old daughter is in an artificial coma in hospital after being badly beaten. It is hoped she will eventually provide vital information.

“We hope she will be able to tell us what she saw.
Give descriptions, such as the number of people, whether they were men or women, the colour of their skin, their clothes, anything that will allow us to start identifying the person or persons who committed these acts,” Maillaud said.

As forensics experts performed autopsies on the murder victims, a team of French investigators landed in Britain.

They are following a number of leads, but still appear no closer to establishing a motive for the killings.