Blasphemy suspect flown to safety by Pakistani army

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Blasphemy suspect flown to safety by Pakistani army

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Blasphemy suspect Rimsha Masih has finally left prison in Pakistan. She was taken in an armoured car to Rawalpindi on Saturday, where she was evacuated by an army helicopter to an undisclosed location.

The 14-year-old Christian, who is said to have learning difficulties, was accused of burning pages from the Koran three weeks ago and arrested under Pakistan’s blasphemy laws.

However, last weekend the case was blown wide open when witnesses came forward to accuse the neighbourhood Muslim Imam of planting pages from the holy book among burnt papers in her possession.

The Imam has been arrested. The police claim he was trying to whip up anti-Christian feeling to force them out of the area.

Emotions on the subject of blasphemy run so high in Pakistan that Masih runs the risk of being lynched even if the court finds her innocent.

Two senior government ministers have been murdered for wanting to review the law, and the judge who found the killer of one of them guilty has been forced to flee the country.