Obamacare could be pivotal issue in election

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Obamacare could be pivotal issue in election

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Obamacare – the president’s landmark medical insurance legislation is one of the major issues alongside the economy on which November’s election will depend.

Republicans have vowed to repeal the controversial “Affordable Care Act” as unworkable, but Democrats say that will shift costs onto working families and the vulnerable.

Governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick said:
“ It is very, very important for the president to tell the healthcare story, because it is part of a whole narrative about his extraordinary efforts to restore the American dream and pass it on to another generation.”

Republicans support healthcare reform but they’ve branded Obama’s law as a big-government takeover allowing for no choice but to buy health insurance..

However Democrats believe that once America’s middle class recognises the benefits of a strong healthcare system Obama’s re-election is assured.