Down in the Real dumps

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Down in the Real dumps

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Cristiano Ronaldo has caused quite the stir in the Spanish capital recently after the Real Madrid striker failed to celebrate two goals he scored during Sunday’s win over Granada and then admitted he was feeling sad at his club.

Spanish newspapers have been full of speculation about the reasons for his outburst – most point to the player’s possible desire for an improved contract.

He is already one of the world’s best-paid players.

Topping that chart is Samuel Eto’o who earns some 20 million euros a year at Russian Premier League side Anzhi – Zlatan Ibrahimovic is second with 14.5 million euros a year at Paris Saint Germain – Didier Drogba follows in the third since moving to Shanghai Shenua in July while Lionel Messi is fourth earning 500 thousand euros more a year than Ronaldo in fifth.

Ronaldo’s club mate Álvaro Arbeloa said: ‘‘Cristiano is sad. He needs some support from his mates, and I am sure he will get it. If he needs the support of the club, he’ll also have it, in case he needs more love from the fans I am pretty sure they will give it to him. Real Madrid, we are a family, and when a member of the family is not happy, the rest must help him.’‘

If it is about the money Ronaldo might not get the sympathy vote from the fans that Arbeloa is so sure off, seeing that the average wage across the struggling country is 1000 euros a month.

Malaga’s Nacho Monreal said: ‘‘He has no reason for complaining, things are going well for him. The other day he scored two goals.’‘

In stark contrast to Ronaldo’s current woes all is well in the world of Lionel Messi – happy with his club and his club happy with him. To the point Barca, on Tuesday, offered the diminutive Argentina international a life-time contract.