US first lady to kick-off Democratic Convention

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US first lady to kick-off Democratic Convention

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Michelle Obama takes centre stage tonight as the Democratic Convention gets underway in Charlotte, North Carolina.

She is giving a speech on the opening night of the meeting which comes hard on the heels of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida.

Unlike her husband, the popularity of America’s first lady has never waned over the last four years so who better to kick off the three-day party the Democrats hope will lead to another term in office.

Outside the Charlotte Convention Center, delegate Corrie Sigle said: “Obama’s doing a great job with health care and all the things he’s done for the country. I think we can soon reap the benefits.”

The two presidential rivals have been running fairly even in opinion polls, so Obama will be hoping his convention provides him with more of a boost than Romney, who received a significant “bounce” last week.