The promised land

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The promised land

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Thirteen Nigerian footballers moved to the Ukraine after being promised contracts with clubs in the former Soviet country.

However, they now find themselves unemployed and almost homeless after their manager has so far failed to deliver on his promise.

The men, who have taken up residence in an abandoned and dilapidated tourist camp site, say that one of their countrymen has been signed by one club, and two others are engaged in talks. Nine others are still waiting for work and despite their surrounding haven’t given up hope.

One of the footballing hopefuls said: “We pray every day to God, for God to give us a club, and by the grace of God in this country we are going to have one.”

After hearing about the Nigerians’ plight Local residents have reportedly been supplying the athletes with extra food and water.

But time is running out for their manager, the football gods and most importantly the players who face deportation from the Ukraine if they don’t find employment before mid September.