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Television tunes in to the future


Television tunes in to the future

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IFA, the world‘s leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances opened in Berlin. Up to 1500 exhibitors and 240,000 visitors tuned in to see how they might be watching television in the years ahead, surfing the net on a tablet or
using their mobile smart phone to connect with all sorts of tasks.

If you have just bought a 3D TV well its almost out of date already! This year the star of the exhibition was the 4K high definition. The name comes from the horizontal resolution, around 4,000 pixels a lot more than current HD screens.

Samsung, fresh from its high-profile legal battle with Apple, launched its latest Galaxy Note, with a highly-accurate electronic pen. The processor is faster, and the software adapted for the stylus, called the S Pen, the phone’s signature feature.The 14-centimetre HD 16:9 screen is narrower but longer than on the first version.The price is not known yet, but could be around 700 euros.

Visitors also saw on display a new generation of refrigerators, coffee machines, vacuum cleaners and robots which can help around the home with those household chores.

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