Syrian army continues attacks on Aleppo

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Syrian army continues attacks on Aleppo

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The Syrian army has continued to bombard Aleppo, the country’s biggest city.

Opposition groups said that at least five people died in the attacks on Tuesday.

Now residents say that food supplies are running out in the strategic city.

Violence has engulfed Aleppo over the past five weeks as government troops and rebels battle for control of Syria’s commercial capital, which lies at the crossroads of several key trade routes.

A senior commander for the Syrian army told the AFP news agency that his forces will recapture the city within the next nine days.

Amid the ongoing fighting, the head of the International Committe of the Red Cross met with Syrian President Bashar Assad to discuss the crisis.

Peter Maurer held talks for less than an hour with the Syrian leader in Damascus.

SANA, Syria’s state news agency, quoted President Assad as saying he supported the Red Cross’s humanitarian operations “as long as it works in a neutral and independent way.”