Protests mar inauguration of Mexico's new president

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Protests mar inauguration of Mexico's new president

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The path to power has been anything but smooth for Mexico’s president-elect and leftist lawmakers are bent on making it more uncomfortable.

Congress members of the Party of Democratic Revolution (PRD) protested at the inauguration ceremony of Enrique Pena Nieto, accusing him of electoral fraud and corruption.

It comes a day after Mexico’s electoral tribunal rejected an attempt to overturn the election result.

In response to the protest, members of the incoming Institutional Revolutionary Party government called on their rivals to respect democracy.

But their pledges to have an open, frank and transparent government failed to convince the opposition.

PRD Congress member Ricardo Monreal accused magistrates of acting shamefully and of being legally irresponsible: “We will not let their deeds go unpunished. We will push for an impeachment,” he added.

Pena Nieto is due to be sworn in on December 1.

But in addition to promising further action against his taking office, the party of the incumbent Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorand has threatened to resist a raft of much needed fiscal, labour and energy reforms.