Taliban admits double suicide blast in Afghanistan

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Taliban admits double suicide blast in Afghanistan

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The Taliban says it was behind a double suicide bombing that targeted a NATO base in eastern Afghanistan.

At least eight civilians and four Afghan policemen were killed with dozens more wounded in the blasts close to the base in Wardak province.

The NATO site was hit last year on the eve of the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks when a suicide bomber drove into it, killing four civilians and wounding 77 U.S. troops.

One eyewitness said the first bombing was carried out by a man on foot. The second blast was caused by a truck laden with explosives: “There were lots of people wounded and loads of shops destroyed, everything around me was destroyed,” he said.

Violence is increasing across Afghanistan ahead of the 2014 deadline for NATO to withdraw most of its troops, and fears are mounting that the 350,000-strong NATO-trained Afghan security forces will not be able to tackle insurgents once they leave.