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  • Merck’s Ebola vaccine developed in record time has proved highly effective against the deadly virus in a large trial in Guinea and could now be used to help end a vast outbreak in West Africa
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Ann Romney called Clint Eastwood “a unique guy” after his rambling, one-sided conversation with an imaginary Barack Obama at the Republican National Convention. It appears her view is widely shared.

The surprise speaker brought star power to the show has he warmed up the crowd for Mitt Romney’s presidential nomination acceptance speech.

But he is now become a surprise internet hit with the president himself joining a host of celebrities and others in poking fun at the Hollywood actor and director.

The 82-year-old’s cameo appearance seemed to thrill many in the audience but it has been widely panned on the web, even giving rise to a new term “Eastwooding” – a word that is now viral.

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