Sardinia facing more job losses

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Sardinia facing more job losses

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Workers from an threatened aluminium plant in Sardinia demonstrated in Rome on Friday in front of the Economy Ministry.

The protesters were calling on the Italian government to intervene and save their jobs at the Alcoa factory.

The workers blew horns, chanted and banged hard hats on the ground. Some also began climbing up the gates of the building.

The US owners are planning to close the plant by November unless a buyer is found.

Regional leaders were also due to meet government ministers to talk about the issue.

Closure of the facility would be a serious blow for the island. Over 1,000 jobs are at risk in a region of high unemployment and a stagnant economy.

South of the factory on Sardinia miners have barricaded themselves into the Carbosulcis coal mine, also threatened with closure with the loss of up to 500 jobs.