The biggest speech of Romney's Republican life

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The biggest speech of Romney's Republican life

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The Republican candidate for the White House Mitt Romney is gearing up for the biggest speech of his life at the party’s National Convention in Florida.

With much of America expected to watch him on TV, it is a chance for Romney to convince millions of potential voters that he is not the heartless tax-evader and money-grabber that the Democrats say he is.

His running mate Paul Ryan drew the convention’s most enthusiastic response so far with his endorsement of the 65 year old.

Until now, the main emphasis of his campaign has been on the domestic US economy. But even though some of his foreign policy declarations have raised some eyebrows – particularly comments on moving the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem – he won a glowing endorsement from the former US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice.

She told the Convention: “That is the question of the hour: where does America stand? You see, when friends or foes alike don’t know the answer to that question, unambiguously and clearly, the world is likely to be a more dangerous and chaotic place.”

The First Lady, Michelle Obama appeared on a popular talk show saying she would not be watching Romney’s speech, but she urged others to watch.

She said that this is technically where the race begins.

As the accusations fly in campaign ads, the polls say it is too close to call – one survey this week put Romney and Obama neck and neck.