Lufthansa braces for Friday strike

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Lufthansa braces for Friday strike

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Germany’s biggest airline Lufthansa will be hit by strike action from tomorrow in a long-running dispute over pay-rises and the terms of some contracts.

The union representing two-thirds of the airline’s 19,000 cabin-crew said details would be kept secret until six hours before to give the walkout maximum effect. Hundreds of flights could potentially be affected.

There were mixed feelings at Frankfurt airport. One passenger said: “I don’t think there’s any need for this. They could find an agreement some other way. It’s not necessary for such provocation.”

Another added: “Personally I don’t think it’s good. It creates problems for us, but it is justified for Lufthansa employees.”

Both sides in the dispute have been in talks for 13 months. Union leaders want five per cent more pay and guarantees that the airline will not outsource jobs nor use temporary workers.

The head of the UFO union, Nicoley Baublies, said: “Of course I understand our passengers well, anyone who wants to get on an affected flight will certainly be upset. But we do have a lot of support.”

Bosses say they have to limit wage-rises and switch staff to less generous or temporary contracts to combat low-cost airline competition and the rising price of fuel.

They say they will do their best to limit the impact on passengers.