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Mystery 'spirals' replace stolen masterpieces


Mystery 'spirals' replace stolen masterpieces


(This article is part of the fictional TV series and online game « The Spiral ». The facts as they are presented here never really happened. Click here to find out more about the TV series or here to find out more about the online game.)

Absolutely unprecedented art thefts have occurred this morning. Reporting for euronews, Léa Zilber spoke at the Rubens House in Antwerp from where the Old Master’s self-portrait, no less, has been stolen:

“We are learning about losses pretty much everywhere in Europe. Belgium is not the only target.
Five eminent masterpieces have reportedly vanished, notably in the Nordic countries. There is talk of a Picasso, a Munch – and a Rubens. There could be a connection, these thefts are probably linked. First, because they occurred at the same time, around 8.30 this morning. Then because there has been a signature. A spiral was left in place of the paintings, the same spiral used by the street artist Arturo as a trademark, as a logo. So has the culprit already been found? Well, no, it is not that simple. Because Arturo is currently behind bars. He was arrested back in July. 
What can be done to find out who is behind this incredible act? There is total confusion for now and Europol has just arrived to investigate.”

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