US Gulf coast braces itself for full impact of Isaac

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US Gulf coast braces itself for full impact of Isaac

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Heavy rain and strong winds have taken their toll on some areas of eastern Florida as Tropical Storm Isaac closes in on the US Gulf coast.

Residents at a trailer park at Vero beach have been assessing the damage Although there was flooding and trees fell, no deaths have been reported.

One victim described what happened: “The door flew passed me and glass was flying, and I was sitting on my bed doing paperwork and watching a movie.”

The centre of the slow-moving weather system is projected directly towards New Orleans, threatening to make landfall as a category two hurricane.

But forecasters say Isaac will be far less powerful than the catastrophic Hurricane Katrina which devastated the city in 2005.

New Orleans resident Antione said he wasn’t too worried: “It doesn’t seem like it’s a powerful storm like Katrina was but you never know when it hits, that’s the Gulf, you know.”

It is hoped preparation will be the key: States of emergency have been declared freeing up funds to help clear up and restore power while evacuation orders have gone into effect. But some will just baton down the hatches.