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Syria's military use air power to target Damascus suburbs


Syria's military use air power to target Damascus suburbs

The focus of fighting in Syria appears to to have returned to the outskirts of Damascus as a fighter plane was seen firing rockets at targets in the capital’s eastern suburbs.

According to activists at least 60 people were killed in the operation in the mainly Sunni Muslim neighbourhoods of Zemalka and Saqba.

Earlier in the day rebels claimed a military success by having shot down an army helicopter. It is not known how the lightly armed rebel fighters may have downed the craft – State television confirmed a helicopter had crashed in Damascus but gave no details.

Clashes continue to rage across the country as the rebellion grows increasingly bloody, particularly in Aleppo.

The city is Syria’s biggest and its economic hub. Both sides know they must win here but for now the army and rebels appear to be stuck in a war of attrition.


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