'Day After' looking to new dawn in Syria

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'Day After' looking to new dawn in Syria

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The Syrian opposition has long been urging the international community to do more to bring an end to the Assad era. At a news conference launching ‘The Day After’ project, united opposition groups called for a no-fly zone, a protected zone for refugees and heavy weapons for the rebels.

Among the challenges facing the Syrian opposition since the start of the Syrian uprising in March 2011 has been the lack of a unified vision for the country’s future, and of concrete and detailed planning to respond to the significant challenges that will accompany a post-Assad transition.

To address this ‘The Day After’ project provided a framework for the participation of some 45 prominent opposition representatives. They include senior representatives of the Syrian National Council (SNC), members of the Local Coordination Committees in Syria (LCC), and unaffiliated opposition figures from inside Syria and the diaspora representing the major political trends and components of Syrian soci­ety.

Euronews’ Sigrid Ulrich spoke to Amr Al-Azm, on of the project leaders: