Chinese fishermen killed in South Korea typhoon

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Chinese fishermen killed in South Korea typhoon

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Despite daring rescue efforts off South Korea, at least five Chinese fishermen have been killed by Typhoon Bolaven.

Ten more are missing – their boats standing little chance against winds of up to 170 kilometres per hour buffeting South Korea’s west coast.

Rescue teams pulled 18 survivers from the vessels that capsized off the southern island of Jeju. The storm is then said to have hit the coast of destitute North Korea, near farming regions surrounding the capital, Pyongyang.

In the South, schools were closed for the day in its capital, Seoul, and elsewhere. Hundreds of international and domestic flights were cancelled.

On land, at least three people were reported killed by Typhoon Bolaven, including one hit by a falling church tower. Trees were felled and power cut to nearly 200,000 homes.

As South Korea takes in the full extent of the damage, another battering beckons. A second typhoon is making its way up a similar course. It is expected to hit the peninsula later this week.