Car bomb kills 12 in Damascus

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Car bomb kills 12 in Damascus

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The body count continues to rise in Syria. At least twelve were killed and 48 wounded when a car bomb exploded at a funeral in the Jaramana suburb of the capital Damascus. The state news agency said the device had been left in a taxi.

Opposition activists said the burials were for two supporters of Bashar al-Assad who’d previously been killed in an explosion on Monday.

Elsewhere in Damascus heavy fighting continued on Tuesday. In the district of Zemalka rebels were engaging in running street battles with Syrian troops.

There are claims that 60 people were killed in the east of the city in air raids by regime planes.

There were also air strikes in Idlib province where activists claimed 13 people died in an attack on Kfar Nabl. Video on the internet showed burning buildings and vehicles.

News agencies have not been able to independently verify the footage.

All the violence continues to force people out of their homes. Several hundred displaced families marched towards the Turkish border on Tuesday demanding a no-fly zone be enforced in Syria.

Turkey is rushing to build more camps and says some 10,000 people are waiting on the Syrian side. All nine Turkish refugee camps along the border are full.