South Africa: Miners pursue strike after deadly shooting

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South Africa: Miners pursue strike after deadly shooting

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The strike goes on.

That is the message from hundreds of miners gathered outside the Marikana site in South Africa where police shot dead 34 people this month.

Owners Lonmin say just 13 per cent of workers reported for duty on Monday, claiming some were intimidated into staying away.

Others though are full of resolve.

“I am not afraid because I am fighting for what will make my life better,” said one worker, interviewed outside the mine. “The money, it will help my family to live better because now, actually, I am the breadwinner at home, the money that I am earning…it is small money that cannot help my family.”

The strike over pay and conditions at the platinum mine comes against the backdrop of a turf war between rival unions.

Some 260 miners who were detained after what the media dubbed the ‘Marikana Massacre’ have been in court, facing charges including murder. But police are the real murderers according to the workers’ supporters who dismiss officers’ claims that they acted in legitimite defence.

Reports in one South African newspaper suggest many victims were shot in the back as they were fleeing police gunfire.