Tripoli mosque bulldozed by hardline Islamists

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Tripoli mosque bulldozed by hardline Islamists

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Ultra-conservative Islamists are being blamed for the latest attack on a mosque in Libya. A shrine at the Sha’ab mosque in Tripoli was partially bulldozed in broad daylight on Saturday.

Residents claim the country’s military police did not stop graves outside the mosque being demolished.

The destruction comes after a similar assault on a mosque in the city of Zlitan, about 160 kilometres southeast of the capital on Friday.

Video footage showed a gaping hole in front of the building, which was once a grave of a Sufi Muslim martyr.

The president of Libya’s newly elected National Congress, Mohamed al-Magariaf, denounced the attacks.

“These kinds of actions are unacceptable and are condemned by our religion, customs and laws. The perpetrators will be prosecuted,” he said.

The attacks highlight ideological differences between hardline Salafist Muslims and the more moderate form of Sufi Islam.

Salafists are against the building of shrines and the worshipping of historic Sufi idols.