Toulouse gunman 'did not act alone'

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Toulouse gunman 'did not act alone'

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France’s Le Monde newspaper says it has obtained police documents that suggest Toulouse gunman Mohamed Merah did not operate alone.

The French daily reported on Thursday that Merah made nearly two thousand phone calls to over 180 contacts in some 20 countries.

He also regularly changed his SIM card, which he registered under his mother’s name.

The files also show that Merah made a number of trips to the Middle East, including a visit to an ultra-conservative Salafist school in Egypt in 2009.

Merah, a self-proclaimed Al Qaeda member, killed three soldiers and four Jewish people in March before being shot dead by police.

He had been under surveillance for one year after he made a journey to Afghanistan in March 2011.

The previous month, German intelligence services alerted their French counterparts that Merah had travelled to Cairo via Frankfurt.