Norway killer jailed for 21 years, judges rule Breivik not psychotic

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Norway killer jailed for 21 years, judges rule Breivik not psychotic

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A court in Norway has declared Anders Behring Breivik sane and sentenced him to 21 years in jail for mass murder.

The far-right extremist had previously admitted last July’s killings of 77 people in Oslo and on Utoeya island.

Following a 10-week trial, five judges unanimously declared Breivik was not insane after conflicting conclusions by psychiatrists.

Presiding judge Wenche Elizabeth Artzen announced to the courtroom: “Anders Behring Breivik is sentenced to prison, according to section 39c of the penal code, for a maximum of 21 years and a minimum of 10 years, minus 445 days for time already served.”

The 33-year-old smiled as he was found guilty of “acts of terror”.

The deadly attacks included a bomb blast in the government district of the Norwegian capital Oslo and a mass shooting at a youth camp for the ruling Labour Party on Utoeya island.

During his trial, Brevik promised to appeal any ruling of insanity which he said would be “worse than death”.

The 21 year jail term is likely to be extended if he is later still deemed to be a danger to society.

There has been controversy over Breivik’s prison cell which some victims’ families say is too luxurious.

The three roomed cell at the Ila prison, near Oslo, features a bedroom, a personal gym and a study complete with laptop.