Mousavi hospitalised with heart problems

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Mousavi hospitalised with heart problems

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Opposition sources in Iran say one of the movement’s two top leaders and former prime minister Hossein Mousavi, has fallen ill and been taken to hospital with heart problems.

Mousavi was moved to a hospital which has been sealed off from the outside world, and no-one, including Mousavi’s family is allowed access.

euronews was able to speak to his spokesman by phone:
“The Iranian security forces have informed us that Mr. Mousavi was transferred to hospital on Thursday, because of clogging of the heart arteries, But strangely, before the transfer, security forces spent time putting security cameras in his hospital room, which is against the human rights of a sick person. Security forces are preventing independent doctors from visiting him, and are refusing to relase any details about his condition,” said Ardeshir Amir Arjomand.

Under house arrest for the last 18 months, Mousavi has previously enjoyed good health but his supporters claim the stress of the house arrest has taken its toll, and are calling on the UN’s Ban Ki- Moon to visit him when he visits Tehran for the upcoming Conference of Non-Aligned Nations.