Majority of Norwegians want Breivik jailed

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Majority of Norwegians want Breivik jailed

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Three-quarters of Norwegians want mass killer Anders Behring Breivik to be declared sane and sent to jail, according to a poll by Norway’s state broadcaster.

Judges in Oslo will deliver their verdict later today.

Breivik’s lawyers say their client does not want his far-right, anti-Muslim ideology to be seen as the work of a madman.

“If the judges find him not sane and mentally disturbed, he will appeal. If the judges sentence him to punishment and (find him) mentally sane, he will not appeal,” said Hein Baera, a member of his defence team.

The 33-year-old committed Norway’s worst peacetime atrocity when he went on a killing spree in July last year that left 77 people dead.

He admits to killing his victims as part of a lone wolf crusade against multi-culturalism.

If the five judges believe Breivik should be acquitted on grounds of insanity, then he will be held at a secure mental health unit.

If Breivik is ruled to be sane, he will go to jail but will be kept separate from other prisoners.